Volunteer Opportunities

Hospitality Volunteer

Hospitality volunteers greet guests as they enter the museum, giving a short story of the history of the museum and the exhibits on display. They also run the register and make sales in the SoFAB Pantry.


Calling all history buffs and storytellers! Our volunteer docents guided tours around the museum covering various subjects i.e. The Cajun & Creole History of Louisiana, a general SoFAB tour museum tour, the Museum of the American Cocktail, etc. This role requires 2-4 hours of training. 

Gumbo Gardeners

The Gumbo Gardeners assist with cultivating and maintaining the Gumbo Garden! We have lots of fun growing plans we would love to involve you in, come 

Event Volunteer

Events are some of our favorite things to do here at SoFAB! Ranging from cooking classes to tastings to parties, etc. they always end up being a blast. This being said, parties don't throw themselves! So, if you'd like to help us run the show you should most definitely sign up to be an event volunteer.

Curatorial Volunteer

Curatorial volunteers assist with research, acquisition of artifacts, and other storytelling aspects of exhibits which make them engaging, informative and fun!

Roll Up your Sleeves Volunteer

These volunteers are the real magic makers! Behind every exhibit there is building, painting, decorating, and just plain moving heavy things. If you'd like to roll up your sleeves with us and make some really great exhibits, this is the role for you. 

These are just some of the many things we do here at SoFAB. If there is anything else that you are interested in or would like to do, please let us know in the volunteer sign up form. We are so excited to have you!