What is southern food heritage day?

October 11

Every year, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum celebrates Southern Food Heritage Day on October 11! The culturally rich and delicious food of the Southern states deserves to be recognized and celebrated officially at least one day of the year. Southern food speaks to the essence of America: a convergence and coalescence of a variety of people from all over the world, each contributing their own ingredients and techniques to create a unique cuisine.

How do I celebrate?

Cook up at least one Southern standby

We know you probably have some classic recipes on deck, but if you need some inspiration check out the SoFAB Research Center at Nunez Community College, where we have a collection of over 40,000 cookbooks at your disposal! If you want a new cookbook for yourself, feel free to visit our gift shop in store or online!

Share the love

Send a postcard (now available in our gift shop), host a party, Let us know what you're cooking by sharing photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use #southernfoodheritageday. We can't wait to see what you're having.